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Ayla Supports the Second Training Program Implemented by Hayat Education Charity Fund in Aqaba

As part of Ayla’s commitment to social responsibility and economic and social empowerment, the company has provided support for the second training program implemented by the Hayat Education Charity Fund for local youth in Aqaba. The primary objective of this program is to enhance participants’ skills in various areas that are relevant to the job market. The program includes training modules on IT, time management, English language, graphic design, and digital marketing courses in collaboration with Pioneers Academy.
It is noteworthy that this is the second training program that Ayla has supported. In the previous year, Ayla contributed to the Hayat Education Charity Fund’s first program, which proved to be beneficial for 56 students in Aqaba. Ayla’s continued support demonstrates its dedication to empowering the local community and fostering opportunities for the youth in Aqaba.
With Ayla’s assistance, participants will develop fundamental skills that will prepare them for employment and enhance their abilities. The program will span two months and will be conducted at the SOS Children’s Villages in Aqaba by the Hayat Education Charity Fund. Ayla’s support for this program reflects its dedication to the local community, particularly disadvantaged youth, by equipping them with the means to unleash their creativity and skills and providing them with the necessary knowledge to enter the job market.
Sahl Dudin, the Managing Director of Ayla, emphasized that the company’s support for the training program underscores its deep commitment to the economic and social empowerment of marginalized groups, a key pillar of Ayla’s social responsibility strategy. The program contributes to enriching the job market by providing the necessary skills and suitable opportunities for participating youth to develop their capabilities.
Dudin further stated, “We are pleased to partner with the Hayat Education Charity Fund as it benefits the youth in the local community of Aqaba by developing their abilities and enabling them to effect desired changes in their lives and make a positive impact on society.”
Musa Al-Saket, the Vice Chairman of the Hayat Education Charity Fund, expressed gratitude for Ayla’s support of this impactful program, which addresses the crucial training needs of the youth in Aqaba. These youth face financial constraints that hinder their participation in specialized training programs. This program serves as a foundation for future activities supporting job opportunities and the development of technical and personal skills.
Al-Saket believes that the training program contributes to the goals of economic and social empowerment by enhancing the professional skills of vulnerable families in Aqaba and integrating youth into society through self-development, training, and fostering initiative and leadership qualities.
Currently, twelve youths from Aqaba are participating in the specialized training program, receiving instruction in graphic design and digital marketing—both essential sectors in the job market and private sector institutions.
In addition, forty students are benefiting from the Hayat Education Charity Fund’s support for university education, including a targeted group of vulnerable families in Aqaba. They are participating in three capacity-building programs focused on essential life skills, including computer skills, time management, success factors, and English proficiency. These programs enhance their self-development capabilities, enabling professional progress and entry into the job market.